Covalent bonds

The kit is similar to the Ionic Bonds kit, but uses square and hexagonal tiles to form covalent compounds. Bonds (single, double and triple) are printed along the edges of each tile and have to be matched with bonds on a neighbouring tile. Tiles include C, O, H, N, S, Cl, I, Br, F along with functional groups (Sulphonic acid, nitrite, alcohol, ketone, aldehyde, ester, ether, amines, thiol, carboxyl along with a (hexagonal) benzene background. Using these tiles, students form various organic compounds and learn how to name them. They also explore how different molecules can have the same formula but differ in structure.

The teacher’s kit is in the form of Acrylic pieces, with magnets at the back. The student sets are made of cards that need to be cut.


ItemCopies/SetPrice (INR)Price(USD)
Teacher Set: Acrylic Set: 7 A4 size 1 4000 USD55
Student Cards: 7 A4 15 2000 USD15

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