Ionic Bonds

This kit consists of a set of pieces that can be joined together to form rectangles, like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is labelled by the name and symbol of an ion or radical. Pieces can combine with each other only when the rules of ionic bonding and valency are satisfied. Teachers ask students to make a compound (e.g. Ferric Sulphate) by name; students make the compound and read off the formula (Fe2(SO4)3). Teachers ask students to form a compound (e.g. CaO) by symbol; students make the compound and read off the name, Calcium oxide. They start with HCl and CaCO3, try to exchange anions or cations for an exchange reaction and realize that we need to take 2HCl for the reaction to balance. Thus, students learn names and formulas for ionic bonds and the need for balancing equations

The teacher’s kit is in the form of Acrylic pieces, with magnets at the back. The student sets are made of cards and pre-printed stickers. Students have to first stick the stickers on the cards, which is a learning experience in itself!

The kit includes all the common ions and radicals.


ItemCopies/SetPrice (INR)Price(USD)
Teacher Set: Acrylic set 1 3000 USD40
Student Cards: 24, Labels: 3 15 6000 USD82

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