Turning Point

Raw, innate skills are distributed in all students, whether they are from cities or villages, privileged or under privileged. The Turning Point program is named so with the goal of creating a turning point in the way students learn maths and science. By introducing them to exciting experiences of making Science and Maths models and doing experiments that seem like magic, the 5-day workshop brings about a paradigm shift in the way students approach these subjects and in general learning. The whole idea is to create a turning point that would trigger the curiosity to know, desire to reason, their sudden interest and zeal to learn further. These unforgettable experiences may last long enough to push them to take up studying further, reach greater heights and climb the ladder of success.

A dream come true would be a student who is not interested in even attending school would want to spend time at school, get interested in learning and continue to do higher studies only because he or she is excited about learning.

In the program, 10 schools are selected, with each school nominating 2 teachers.

The program consists of three phases

  1. A 5 day workshop where teachers make 60 models in science and mathematics and learn to perform 40 experiments. Sufficient material to make 5 copies of each model is given to each school.
  2. Teachers transfer learnings to their students at their schools.
  3. Students and teachers organize an exhibition at their schools, inviting members of the local community to view the exhibition.
A brief presentation on the Turning Point program is available here. A more detailed presentation is available here

In February-March 2022, we conducted a Turning Point program at 7 schools near Ahmedabad. The program was sponsored by AIA CSR Foundation, an initiative of AIA Engineering Ltd. You can see videos of the program here (on YouTube) or here .