All of us would have noticed that sunlight falls on different walls of our home at different times of the year.

How many of us connect this with what we learnt in school: the tilt of the Earth's axis, the causes of the seasons, etc?

My comment at the final training session that it had met all my expectations and hopes, and a lot more, was no idle comment. I think it has set a very positive foundation for transformation for all the teachers who attended. This will be reinforced by the online support over the coming months to ensure that these teachers can feel the full confidence and support to go ahead and dramatically upgrade their teaching methodologies by adding an array of alternatives beyond the confines of traditional dogma.

- Mark Parkinson, Principal and Head, Oxford International School, Dhaka
One week is not enough for learning or getting benefit from this program. I hope and wish we will be able to join this kind of program more in future.

- Hasan Eman, Oxford International School, Dhaka
This interactive workshop inspires participants to be motivated as they can play a role of a teamleader in a creative learning game which is nothing but a class. Thanks to the program organiser for presenting a learning process which is a well organized doing process and easy to implement.

- Dr. Anupam Das Burman, Oxford International School, Dhaka
The workshop had many thought provoking questions. It help me feel realize the importance of generating a process based teaching methodology to facilitate the understanding of students

- Hiral Mody – The Galaxy International School, Rajkot
We would like to have more of such sessions. I liked the part where we solved simple problems observed in daily life. The tricks in mathematics were fantastic. Reasoning has been enhanced.

- Mrinalini Rao – SN Kansagara School, Rajkot
The workshop was excellent. It helped me a lot as to how to introduce certain topics or how to make certain concepts teach in a simple way. I would like you to give some ideas as how to teach theorems to higher standards.

- Kavitha Somu – SN Kansagara School, Rajkot
This workshop had been an excellent brainstorming session & it helped me to think in the way mathematicians and Scientists might have approached to the solution of various problems. More examples may be discussed & frequent workshops of this sort shall be of great help in teaching.

- Ratish Ravindran Nair – SN Kansagara School, Rajkot
I would like to attend more of the kind of workshops to meet my personal learning objectives and to develop conceptual understanding among the students. It would be more helpful if we have a continuous one-week time for such a useful workshop. I felt that due to time constraint many topics that I would have liked being discussed were not possible.

- Manisha Upadhyay – MVD School, Rajkot
Excellent program. I only wish we could do this in a more comprehensive manner – subject wise & topic wise especially for Physics, Chemistry. This should be a yearlong program with monthly, fortnightly sessions running parallel with sessions in class. Also continuous classroom interaction should be there. Thanks.

- Swati Faldu - TGIS
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