Student Programs

Zeal Education organizes a variety of workshops for students. In the past, these workshops were conducted in our office or in schools. However, because of the current pandemic, our workshops are being conducted offline.

For our offline workshops, participants would receive material during the workshop. For online workshops, complete kits are couriered well in advance. Our online workshops are conducted using multiple cameras on Zoom.

Science Model Making

Learn how to make beautiful science models and understand the science behind them. Program conducted at two levels, class 5-6 and class 7+. Sample models: Juniors: Pinhole camera, Paper Aeroplanes, Climbing Monkey; Seniors: Lens Camera, Continental Drift Flip Book, Glow in the Dark Constellations.

The Young Mathematician

Explore the beauty of mathematics by making models, solving puzzles and playing games. Program conducted at two levels, class 5-6 and class 7+. Sample activities: Juniors: Topological puzzles, Napier’s Bones, Envelops of curves; Seniors: Secret codes, Bridge puzzles, Binary cards

Astronomy Model Making

Astronomy is the oldest of all sciences and this workshop is designed to make you fascinated by the subject! Make models to explore various phenomena: the apparent path of the sun in the sky over the day and year, find out the phase of the moon on a given date, find out when the sun will rise anywhere in the world, on any day in the year! Program meant for class 7+.

Science Experiments

You cannot do science without doing experiments! The only test of an idea is whether experiment supports it or not! This program, conducted at two levels (class 5-6 and class 7+) introduces you to the joys of performing an experiment, maybe seeing it fail and finally succeeding after many trials! Example experiments are: Juniors: Chalk chromatography, Rotation experiments, Bouncing Raisins; Seniors: Resonance, Coloured shadows, 2 ball experiment.

Double Swing Workshop

One of the most important principles in physics is resonance, where an oscillating system is driven at its natural frequency.Resonance is responsible for a variety of phenomena, including the timbre of musical instruments, the differences between our voices and the collapse of bridges when soldiers march in step across it. A fascinating application is in a double swing, which is constructed in such a way that each swing drives the other. Shake one swing and soon, the first swing slows to a stop while the other starts swinging. And then? The process reverses! Make this fascinating model (for class 7+) in our workshop.

Telescope Making Workshop

About 410 years ago, Galileo Galilei heard about the invention of the telescope by Hans Lippershay and decided to make his own!To commemorate the 400th anniversary of this event, Zeal Education designed a set of telescopes that you can now make! You will making two eyepieces and two objectives, so that you can have 4 different combinations of lenses yielding magnifications from 4x to 10x. Program conducted for class 7+.

Ionic Bonds Workshop

Students are introduced to valency, chemical symbols, chemical formulae and balancing equations in a rather dry and uninteresting manner in schools. Our ionic bond kit will enable students to learn these concepts in a very interesting way, using a jig-saw puzzle like model. In the workshop, students will first make the model and then learn how to use it! Program conducted for class 7+.

Fractals Workshops

Fractals are among the strangest mathematical shapes ever discovered. Look at a tiny part of a fractal and it looks like the whole! Imagine a stamp with a picture of a stamp with a picture of a stamp... Students will learn about fractals and make beautiful fractal cards!

Perpetual Calendars

Do you know that calendars repeat after 28 years? Or that in any year, the calendars for September and December are the same? These patterns, and many other, can be used to make perpetual calendars. Students will make two such calendars that can be used for any year from 1900 to 2099!.