Periodic Table Charts

There are seven different periodic table charts in this set:
  1. Atomic sizes: Each atom is represented by a disk whose diameter is proportional to the atom’s diameter.
  2. Electronic structure: represented in such a way that students can easily see how shells get filled.
  3. Electron Affinity: represented by a colour code (from least to greatest). Students clearly see how electron affinity changes across the table.
  4. Melting and boiling points, represented by a colour code (from lowest to highest). Students immediately identify elements with very low and very high melting/boiling points.
  5. Ionization potential, represented by a colour code. Useful for looking at trends and understanding how strongly electrons are held by the nucleus.
  6. Uses: One example of the use of the element (labelled images).
  7. Isotopes: colour coded. The colour indicates the abundance of occurrence (for stable isotopes) and half-life (for unstable isotopes). These are available as Flex/vinyl posters (about 120 cm x 80 cm) for teachers and as printouts (A3 size) for students.


    ItemCopies/SetPrice (INR)Price(USD)
    Teacher Charts: Vinyl: 7 7 7000 USD95
    Teacher Charts: Flex: 7 7 5000 USD 70
    Student Cards: A3: 7 cards 15 7000 USD95

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