Organism Cards

The kit consists of 48 cards, each with the picture of an animal and a brief description of the animal. Three animals each are depicted from

  1. Porifera
  2. Coelentrates
  3. Platyhelminthes
  4. Nematodes
  5. Annelids
  6. Arthropods: Hexapods
  7. Arthropods: Crustacea
  8. Arthropods: Chellicerata
  9. Arthropods: Myriapodes
  10. Mollusca
  11. Echinodermata
  12. Chordata: Fish
  13. Chordata: Amphibians
  14. Chordata: Reptiles
  15. Chordata: Birds
  16. Chordata: Mammals
Students use common properties to classify the organisms. All vertebrates and all invertebrates share a common property, all organisms in the same phylum share two properties and all organisms in the same class share three properties.


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