Life on Earth

This kit is a scale model of life on earth, starting from 4600 Mya to present. After completing the model, students realize the very brief time that Man has spent on Earth, the sudden explosion of life during and after the Cambrian period, the vast periods of time where life was essentially unicellular, etc. It is very difficult for us to imagine such long periods of time, the model brings home very vividly the difference between human time scales and geological time scales.

The model is available in two forms: a teacher version, in the form of a vinyl poster and a student version, in the form of a card printout. The student printout is pre-labelled with ages using a scale of 1 million years = 1 mm. The model stretches to 5.0 m but can be assembled into a strip that fanfolds into a small model that is 10 cm x 25 cm that fits into a pocket. The model can be decorated by students with pictures of organisms. The teacher version is available as a poster of dimension 2m x 2.5m with a scale of 1 million years = 2 mm. Made of vinyl and laminated, images can be stuck on the strip and removed at the end of the year for re-use with a new batch of students

The recommended use of the model is to ask students to research about the various ages, identify organisms that lived during those times, download images and paste them in the appropriate areas in their own strips. After discussions, the best images can be selected and pasted on the teacher strip.


ItemCopies/SetPrice (INR)Price(USD)
Teacher Set: Vinyl Poster15000USD 70
Student cards: 10 A4 cards 155000USD 70

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