One of the best ways of understanding optics is to make simple optical models that illustrate the basic principles. This kit, meant only for students, and involves making a pinhole camera and a lens camera, with image captured on a screen. Among the science principles that can be explored using these cameras are:

  1. The lack of need to focus in a pinhole camera and the need to focus in a lens camera,
  2. The superior light gathering power of a lens camera.
  3. The idea that an image is not formed from two rays (as shown in textbook diagrams) but from an infinite number of rays: blocking part of a lens only reduces the amount of light passing through, not the image itself.
  4. Using a lens stop increases depth of focus.

The kit consists of all the materials needed for making the models (black card for the pinhole camera, lens, corrugated board and lens holder for the lens camera). The model uses a 10 dioptre, 55 mm lens.


ItemCopies/SetPrice (INR)Price(USD)
Model Kit (Corrugated boards, lens) 15 3000 USD40

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