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Activity For Whom Duration
The Children's Computer Club Jr Kg.to Std 8 Multiple 3-month units
I Love Maths Sr.kg to Group 8 Throught the year
Tiny Tots having Fun with Science Class 1 and 2 10 hours
Tiny Scientists Exploring Science Class 3 and 4 10 hours
Young Scientists Exploring Science Class 5 and 6 14 hours
Model Making I Science Class 5 and 6   Class 7,8, and 9 14 hours
The Young Programmer Class 6,7 and 8 Throught the year
Fun with Physics Class 6, 7 and 8 15 hours
Fun with Chemistry Class 6, 7 and 8 15 hours
Fun with Maths Class 3 and 4   Class 5 and 6 12 hours
Paper Airplanes & Model Rocketry Class 5 and 6 Class 7, 8 and 9 15 hours
The Talking Club Sr. Kg. To Class 1, 2 and 3  Class 4 and 5  Class 6 and 7 Multiple 10 hour units
The Reading Club Sr. Kg. To Class 1, 2 and 3  Class 4 and 5  Class 6 and 7 Multiple 10 hour units
The Story Telling Club Sr. Kg. To Class 1 Class 2 and 3  Class 4 and 5  Multiple 10 hour units
The Creative Writing Club Class 2 and 3 Class 4 and 5 Multiple 10 hour units
Communication Skills College Students, Mothers 20 hours
Maths, My Kid and me Mothers of children in Jr. Kg. , Sr. Kg. , Grade 1 to rade 5 20 hours

# Name Description Hours Class
1 Young Scientist Exploring Science The program consists of 12 sessions, each devoted to answering a question in science and mathematics. Students answer questions during a brainstorming session and prepare reports on each session. Questions include, “What is meant by 50-50 chances in a coin toss”, “Why do some buildings fall in an earthquake”, “How can we make and use Napier’s bones”, “What is the formula for the number of times a ball bounces in billiards”, etc. 12 sessions of 90 min. 6 - 9
2 Little Scientist Exploring Science A junior version of Young Scientist Exploring Science, the program involves doing experiments, making models, solving puzzles, etc.  Students also learn about scientists and mathematicians and perform experiments done by them. 12 sessions of 90 min. 4 - 5
3 Tiny Scientist Exploring Science In every session, students perform experiments based on a single theme, e.g., the pressure of air. After that, they are given an assignment in science or mathematics which reinforces their understanding of the concepts. 10 sessions of 60 min. 2 - 3
4 Language Club This program is spread over the academic year. It deals with various language skills like reading skills, writing skills, talking or conversing skills, grammar and communication skills through activities and games. From July to February, 90 minutes a week 1 - 7
5 Fun with Mathematics Students work on puzzles, Games and fun activities from Mathematics intended to show them the beauty and usefulness of Maths. The program also takes children beyond Arithmetic, School Algebra and Geometry to topics like Topology, Combinatorics and Non-Euclidean Geometry. 12 sessions of 90 minutes 4 – 5, and 6 – 9,
6 Children's Computer Club Students use a wide range of educational programs to learn various subjects like Maths, Science, Geography, etc, the fun way. They are encouraged to do creative activities on the computer like writing stories, designing their rooms, creating Crossword puzzles, drawing and painting, composing pictures, etc. They also create worksheets and graphs, make presentations, create databases, web pages and more.  24 sessions of 60 min KG onwards
7 Story Telling Workshop In this workshop, students listen to stories through new, interesting art-forms using Felt Boards, Chitrakathas, Sock Puppets, etc. They are encouraged to discuss and ideate on the stories. Students learn to build a story through story questions and character role play. They also practise and perform story in front of the group and parents. 5 sessions of 90 minutes 1 - 3
8 Creative Story Building Workshop Students learn to write a good story. They are guided to make their stories more creative and imaginative. Through story writing, students differentiate between writing essays, comprehensions, poems and stories. They also learn to make new wonderful stories from the story books they read. 5 sessions of 120 minutes 4 - 9
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