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New! Explore the amazing Sub Solar Point Model!

The Plough
Make a string-and-bead 3d model of The Plough! Also make a flip book that shows how the shape of the Plough has changed over the last 100,000 years and how it will change over the next 100,000 years!

Click here to download pdf file
Find the Phase of the Moon
Would you like to find out the date of a lunar festival?
Or would you like to know the times of high and low tide at your beach?
Or would you like to know whether the moon will interfere with your planned night-out with the stars?
Our simple and beautiful volvelle allows you to do all this and more! Download instructions and templates to make your own model!
Where does the Sun rise? When does it rise?
Where will the sun rise tomorrow? In the East, of course. When will it rise? At 6 a.m. Correct? Not quite! Sometimes it rises to the north of East, sometimes to the south of east.
The sun does not rise at the same time every day. In the summer, it rises very early in the morning, while it is often dark at 7:00 am in winter. What is the exact time when it rises every day?
Find out the answer to these and many other questions by downloading instructions and templates!
Make a Sun Tracker!
This amazing model will show you the path of the Sun in the sky on 12 different days of the year! You select the location on Earth by rotating the model to the correct latitude and instantly see for yourself where the Sun rises, where it sets, where it would be at noon! Not only that, you can also figure out when sun rise and sun set happens!
Where are the planets?
This large model (40" square!) will show the orbits of the six classical planets. Six sets of dials will help you to determine the longitudes of the planets on any date from 2000 to 2020. As soon as you set up the planets, you will be able to figure out where they would be located in the night sky, as seen from the Earth. You will also be able to study historically important questions like retrograde motion with the help of the model!

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